Argumentative Essay On The Immigration Problems In US

Published: 2021-06-22 00:26:53
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Immigration to the US has been both boon and a curse for the nation. Migration is not new to the America, People from different parts of the world have been migrating to US and their contribution in the making of the world power is recognized by the Americans. This paper discusses the issue, problem, benefits and several other aspects of the US migration.
I have always wanted to go to the US and earn a good livelihood for me and my family. US is full of opportunities and a person can get whatever he deserves through his or her hard work. This is not that easy in every part of the world due to several reasons. Migration to the US is not easy though and it has become very sensitive and complex issue among the Americans. Till last month I was desperate to fly to the US but then I read a number of articles and watched the news on television channels that this issue has been raised by the American politicians to appease the youngsters of the America. Elections are ahead and politicians have made migration a core issue in their political agenda. Everybody wants to show as if they are the only well-wishers of the American people and stopping the migration to the US can surprisingly help Americans in overcoming the issues related to the unemployment and economy. A number of migrated people are working in US as management, medical and economic professionals and they consider the US as their homes. Since the condition of American economy is deteriorating and there is a rampant unemployment in the US, people also have started raising their fingers on the migrants and they are demanding to curb the migrants. US leaders are also seeing migrants as a threat to the security of the nation and they are looking to make laws and to take several steps to control the migrants from entering into US territory. The news is very is disappointing for thousands of people like me who want to migrate to the US.
I have been to United States of America earlier and personally felt some problems that a migrant usually faces. The first problem that I encountered in the US is the problem of language. Even if I speak good English but since the style of an American and non American is obviously different, sometimes it creates a number of confusions. Secondly, since migrants are from a different culture, they are not acquainted with the American culture and this is a major problem which migrants face in America. Americans think that the migrants are deliberately not respecting their American culture and customs. American people have started thinking seeing and outsider that migrants are occupying the opportunities which are meant for the Americans and keeping this in mind, they are creating problems for the migrants. When I entered into America, I had neither a place to stay nor a job in my hand to earn money and every migrant faces the problem of food, job and lodging when he or she enters into America. Getting a good job is not an easy thing and since Americans have started seeing outsiders as threats, they do not prefer giving them a job. All these problems collectively create the issues of racism. When a migrant does not muddle through the situations in a foreign place, he or she often faces the racial discrimination by the local population. This issue is very severe and can turn very deleterious for the migrants.
Another problem what I personally sensed is the problem of feeling like a Martian. When a migrant enters into US, he or she has nobody from his family with him and it gives him a feeling to be in an extraterrestrial place. Initially the problem is more prominent and may create serious issues to the people who are homesick. Another issue that comes up often is the harassments by the local population, employers and the authorities. People have a tendency to get the benefits of other’s compulsion and since migrants are needy, they are exploited at several occasions; they work hard and get paid less in comparison to the local workers. Migrants face a number of legal and administrative problems and harassment by the local authorities is a common problem. Getting any facility like legal assistance and medical facility is also not easy for the migrants.
Based on the abovementioned observations, it is good to say that there are a number of positive things but also one should never overlook the negative aspects of the issue. US is a dream place for many people as it gives the opportunities to fulfill the desired dreams but One should not be in hurry while taking a firm decision of migrating to the America and should take all the precautionary steps and complete all the preparations in advance.
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