Article Review On Youre An Organization Development Practitioner-Scholar Can You Contribute To Organizational

Published: 2021-06-22 00:29:33
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Article Review
The article suggests ways through which organization development scholars can make use of the necessary forums to enhance skills through the use of hypothesis. The author commences the article by providing information that gives a background overview in relation to the different approaches taken by scholars as regards the organization theorizing. Further the author seeks to provide a better understanding of the text through linking vital characteristics with reference to the historical perspective and the contemporary situations. Through linking the past and the present state of affairs, the author ensures that there is no disconnect with regard to the sequential perspectives as regards the synthesis of ideas relating to organization development.
Consequently, the author provides a brief overview of the difficulties that have encountered the clinical approaches to organizational theory. To this, the article provides that some of the impediments include the practitioners who have been reluctant in the implementation of the theoretical aspects in practical situations (Bartunek, 2008). To this, the author says is also facilitated by the writings which tend to be pessimistic on the practicability of some theoretical aspects on the subject of organizational development. The article however appreciates the complexity of the theoretical and practical aspects involved in organizational development concern.
Further and in support of the foregoing, the article provides instances where the same has been practiced. Such information is imperative as a reader is able to critically envisage similar scenarios. The apparent difficulties in relation to the sever connections in the theory and practice are as a consequence of the detached subject especially in the conventional scholarly conceptualization in the organization aspects. The article further has a prelude which provides a summary of the theoretical perspectives as interpreted in many scholarly writings.
The inclusion of the prelude further ensures that the readers understand the points of departures taken by management scholars in their writings. In reference to the prelude the article author concludes that apparent lack of understanding of the disparities involved in the process and variance premises in relation to academic theory may have influenced the apparent differences between the organizational hypothesis and practice (Gulati, 2007).
The paper further addresses the pros and cons of the different routes taken by the organizational development scholars. This is done with due regard to the relationship between the organizational development practice and the scholarly premise. The author further maintains a balanced case in relation to the past and the present management situations. This helps in extrapolating a future organizational outlook. Subsequently, the author makes suggestions with regard to the measures that may be adopted in a bid to forge a more compact approach to organizational development in the reflective and realistic spheres.
In connection with the fore mentioned, the article seems to incorporate the past and present managerial points of view. This enables the author to craft possible mergers of the same in order to develop informed propositions. Such an approach in projection of the future organizational perspectives exterminates any perceptible connotations of preconceived notions. As such, there are no obvious biases. Further, the article takes a perspective of proof based approaches. This is evident in the elucidations and conclusions made by the author.
In conclusion, by referring to the theoretical and practical contributions of reputed scholars as well as its peer reviewed status, the article provides a proper source for research purposes. The information provided within the article, though has information that is well recognized in the organizational field, it also puts the ideas into perspective. This fact enables readers to revolutionize their ideas as regards the organizational development subject. The clear articulation of ideas within the article also provides a reader with a comprehensible content. The preceding aspect makes the article a reliable academic resource.
Bartunek, J. (2008). You’re an organization development practitioner-scholar: Can you contribute to organizational theory? Organizational Management Journal. Palgrave Macmillan ltd. Print.
Gulati, R. (2007). Tent poles, tribalism, and boundary spanning: The rigor-relevance debate
in management research. Academy of Management Journal, 50: 775–782.

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