Battle of Long Island Annotated Bibliography

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:54
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Adams Charles. The Battle Of Long Island The American Historical Review, Print
In this paper, Adams showcases just how lucky the American troops were to escape during the Battle of Long Island, especially considering the smaller size of the army. According to Adams, sheer chance allowed them to prevent the British victory at Long Island from being “irretrievable and final.”
Field, Thomas W.. The battle of Long Island - with connected preceding events, and the subsequent American retreat. Brooklyn [N.Y.: Long Island Historical Society, 1869. Print.
In this period-centric book, we learn more about the more immediate views of the soldiers who fought under Washington during the Battle of Long Island. They tell of his bravery and how he would never leave his saddle during the day. The soldiers would treat him as a mythic figure, which is likely why they followed him into battle despite their smaller number.
Johnston, Henry Phelps. The campaign of 1776 around New York and Brooklyn . New York: Da Capo Press, 1971. Print.
Johnston helps to describe exactly how much the American military machine suffered after the defeat of Long Island; many generals were taken prisoner, and morale was low. It describes the horrors of the battle from the troop’s perspective, showing how the smaller size of the army made Washington’s forces easier to defeat.
Lengel, Edward G.. General George Washington: a military life. New York: Random House, 2005. Print.
In this biography of the military history of George Washington, we learn quite a bit about the Battle of Long Island from the man’s perspective; for one thing, only 19,000 troops showed up at New York, despite the fact that he and Congress had anticipated taking 28,500. Also, the men who arrived lacked discipline and training, leaving them at a bit of a loss in terms of combat readiness. What’s more, the regional differences found between the soldiers often led to conflict and fights within Washington’s own army.
McCullough, David G.. 1776 . New York : Simon & Schuster, 2005. Print.
This book on the beginning of the American Revolutionary War provides quite a few insights into the disposition of those who chose to fight; at the Battle of Long Island, it is described how the British fleet numbered in the hundreds of ships, filled with tens of thousands of troops. This helps to illustrate just how outnumbered Washington’s troops really were.
Whittemore, Henry. The heroes of the American Revolution and their descendants: Battle of Long Island. New York: Heroes of the Revolution Pub. Co., 1897. Print.
This historical account of the battle provides details on Washington’s actions and behavior toward the army at the time of the Battle of Long Island. To begin with, he attempted to fortify the island with his troops, and take control of the situation. I will use this book in my paper to illustrate a more direct, first-generation view of the battle as it happened.

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