Example Of Cornell Divide Sheet Into Sections For Questions Notes And Comments Case Study

Published: 2021-06-22 00:38:08
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Describe a study skill that you could successfully apply to a particular class that concerns you. Be sure to include which specific class this strategy can be applied.
I have developed shorthand in order to take notes more quickly in class, without having to backtrack or tie my typing or writing up in extra work. Many articles of speech I'll leave out so I can fill in the blanks later.
You are unable to attend class and your instructor has indicated in the syllabus that you should contact him/her by email before this happens. Write a professional email to your instructor about this situation. (This is a Bonus question worth 3 points.)
I regret to inform you that, because of other commitments and other matters that have come up suddenly, I am unable to attend class. I will be sure to get lecture notes from other classmates at my earliest convenience, and I will keep up with the reading. I appreciate your understanding, and I will be back in class next period. Thank you very much for your consideration.
List and fully describe the 3 types of note taking strategies outlined in this course. Which one of these strategies is most applicable to your learning style? Why?
Outline: use headings and subheadings to create rough portrait
Mapping: Writing notes in sections connected to other sections
I personally like the Cornell style, as it allows me to compartmentalize major questions along with minor questions.
List and describe 3 learning styles. Of these styles, which one applies to you?
Auditory: learning primarily through hearing
Visual: learning through seeing
Kinesthetic: learning through doing
I would say I'm mostly a kinesthetic learner; I usually have to actually go through the motions in order to pick up on how to do something.
How can you apply understanding of this style to help you be more successful in an area that you are currently struggling in?
My training as a nurse practitioner can benefit from a kinesthetic learning response, as learning how to do things this way would actually result in tangible experience as well.
When looking at your desired career as a Nurse Practitioner, what motivated you to choose your intended path?
What role did a mentor play in your career planning process?
I was motivated to become a Nurse Practitioner because of my mother, who was also a nurse. I saw the good she did and the pride she took in her work, and I wanted to feel the same way. She guided me by helping me understand the education and the training I would have to go through, as well as what schools would be best for this career.
Describe the strengths and weaknesses within your personal current time management system. List at least one of each.
Strengths: I am usually able to make concrete schedules and not take too much at one time.
Weaknesses: I often have trouble getting started with my tasks, and staying on my schedule.
Using the techniques discussed in this course, how can you improve you use of time to meet your goals?
Compartmentalizing my time and creating a schedule, prioritizing tasks based on importance, will help me to manage my time and allow myself to get ahead and stay on top of my studies.
List and explain 3 resources available to you at IVY TECH. Pick one of these resources and describe how you can utilize this resource to help you meet one of your SMART goals.
The Academic Support Center oversees all academic operations, The Campus Connect feature at IVY TECH can help me access my grades and campus maps, as well as my class schedules. This helps me achieve the Timely goal, as I will be more organized and punctual with my time.

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