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Published: 2021-06-22 00:44:52
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Almost every person has his/her favorite place and being there makes him/her feel happiness, peace and joy. I also have such a place and this is my library. I spend much time there because it brings me good emotions and I feel myself there. In this room I can be myself and no one can disturb me here. The library is like a living organism that lives its own life changing its mood depending on the time of the day.

In the morning this place is enchanting and inspiring. When I come into my library in the morning to have the first cup of coffee here, the strong flow of energy fills me, and I am ready for new enterprises. The coming day seems to be full of interesting things. Sitting on the comfortable fluffy couch next to the window and sipping my coffee, I enjoy the first rays of sun that break through the dark heavy curtains. Tiny lines of sunlight are on the shelves and the books there seem to be so colorful and friendly. Later, when I open the window in my library, the fresh gust of air comes into. Everything is full of life here right now. The curtains are not so threatening anymore; on the contrary they seem to be merry and light. My library makes me inspired for all day long.

In the noon my library changes its atmosphere. It is not the inspiring place but it’s very calm and peaceful room for me at this time of the day. Now I can concentrate myself on serious things such as reading and writing and thinking. Two walls of my library are full of shelves with books and this atmosphere is really thought-provoking. My library is very light at this time and the work I should complete seems to be not so difficult for me. When I sit at my massive desk on my comfortable leather chair at the wide window I get absorbed in my thoughts and the work goes easier. My desk is always full of different books and magazines; there one can find lots of writing materials and notes. One can state that there’s a mess on my desk but I call it a comfortable layer of clutter.

In the evening the library becomes an enigmatic place for me. Everything is like a mystery here. The wooden walls, the parquet, the darkness of the room make me feel like in ancient palace. I lighten the candles all around and enjoy my evening tea. After this I lay on the couch, covered with my soft plaid, to read a detective story or other pleasant book for me. The shade over the couch beams mild light onto the pages. All the books look at me as if asking to be read, and I look forward for lots of such evenings in semi-darkness, engaged with exploring new stories of life and new adventures. Most of all I like to spend rainy evenings here with my books. At those moments I am really happy to be here.
This place is my favorite one and I am really fond of my library. I think many people would love to have such place in their homes and dream of this wonderful and fabulous library. So, do I.

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