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Published: 2021-06-22 00:35:02
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One challenge that was met when installing the e-procurement systems at MCD was the integration of the information systems from all the departments and agencies. It was hard bringing all the information and making it as one. Another issue was the transition process. It was hard converting the whole process. The new system will make the tendering process efficient. The timeframe for tendering a project will be shortened.
A business and a government agency have different modes of operations. For a government to adopt an enterprise system, there are a lot of authorities which have to be sought for their permissions. There is a lot of bureaucracy that have to be followed. This is unlike the business setup where only the board of directors or the business partners themselves who will decide. Another reason is that there are crucial considerations that will have to be followed before deciding to adopt an e-procurement system. One such consideration that needs to be seen is to consider what happens to the staff whose works have been automated. This is a crucial issue that should be considered. The government must look for vacancies to deploy these people. This is one setback that affects government decisions to install or adopt an enterprise system.
Some engineers are hesitant to use the new system, because of the drawbacks that the system comes with. They fear that if they use the new system, then there will be job loss. They fear that there will be the automation of tasks and some of them will lose their jobs. Another fear is the learning curve they will have to undertake. Some other engineers are used to doing their work manually because of the nature of their work. They also fear that there will be errors with the new system. They fear that critical information may be tampered with thus producing unexpected outcomes. In addition the company may run at a loss due to inaccurate information concerning procurement of raw materials. Engineers have this fear whenever they are working on this information.
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The operations of the government and a private business are as divergent as the sky is to the ground. The operations of these two entities are different. The way things are operated and the decision-making process of the two entities is different. In a business, the decision making process undergoes a short process while that of the government undergoes a longer procedure. This is because for the government, most decisions are made from above. It is also because of an implementation to take place in a government agency, the implementation will effected in all government agencies in the same department operating in all areas of the country. The decision will, therefore, be made at the headquarters and within a ministry. Another issue is that decision making will affect the livelihoods of many people working in these agencies. There is therefore a need to ensure that the needs of the affected staff will be taken care.
The engineers were not willing to start using the new system because they felt that if they continue adopting new systems, they would eventually be phased out of their work. It was a slow demonstration that automation was not going down well with them. It could also be because they felt they did not want to be intrigued by the new technologies that would require them to learn them. This is something that they felt it would give them a lot of work in addition to their already technical work they have.
The most difficult task while automating of the MCD was training the users to use the system. It was important that the users get to know how to use the system and get to adopt the system wholeheartedly. One benefit that will be attained with the new system is shorter time for sending tenders. The tendering process will be a reliable process.

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