Example Of Research Question How Is Vegetarianism Superior To A Standard Form Of Diet Especially Annotated Bibliography

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:54
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Annotated Bibliography: Significance of vegetarianism
Working Thesis Statement: If vegetarianism is adopted as part of dietary culture, it will develop our status of thought process, mind and body, thereby by leading to the enhancement of happy, healthy, and progressive temperament and making this world a better place to live for the present and future generation.
Mrs. Jain Yogendra Preeti. “Vegetarianism in All Aspects.” Publishers of the Jain Study Circular, December 2010. http://www.jainstudy.org/Vegetarianism.htm#1. 20, Feb 2012.
Health is wealth and it is an essential ingredient of life. Believe it or not, the beauty of life lies in maintaining good health through quality food habit to ensure healthy mind and body. What matters ultimately in life is how, what, and when one eats. Eating habit impacts not only our healthy but also our thought process and life. So, it is important to remember this fact that the way one eats, makes one think and behave in life. The way we eat contributes to the way we think, and the way we think, determines our destiny of life. In order to visualize these facts pragmatically, there is a need to abide by certain rules of life food habits, especially vegetarian ones. To understand the nuances of good health, let us learn multiple elements of vegetarianism in life.
Dasa Adiraja. “Vegetarianism: A Means to a Higher End.” Harekrishna web. http://harekrishna.com/col/books/VEG/. 21, Feb 2012.
Vegetarianism is a philosophy or principle of adhering to the diets based on plants such as fruits, nuts, seeds, roots, vegetables, and many more. It is generally added with or without some of products such milk, honey, or eggs. There are many influencing factors to choose this mode of food habits. Some of these are related to aesthetic values, health, religious beliefs, environmental, cultural values, ethical, and many more. In this modern age of food processing, there are many products such as cake, chocolate, and many others related products are treated under this category. Any people who consume this type of products are vegetarians or semi-vegetarians who take in some non-vegetarian products such as sea food and allied food stuff.
The Vegetarian Resource Group. “Vegetarianism in a Nutshell.”VRG Publishers, 2002. http://www.vrg.org/nutshell/nutshell.htm. 20. Feb 2012.
As far as interpretation and definition of vegetarianism is concerned, it alters with the change of countries and regions of the world. Based on the aforesaid facts, it can be classified under many categories. Some of these are:
Egg-based product, but not dairy’s one
Dairy-based products, but not egg’s one.
Animal or dairy-based products such as eggs, milk, and honey
Fresh and raw fruit, nuts, and seeds-based
Non-onion and garlic-based products for Buddhism
Dairy-based products but without eggs, honey and root vegetables
Grains and beans-based

Kids Health. “Vegetarianism.” The Nemours Foundation, 1995-2012. http://kidshealth.org/parent/nutrition_center/dietary_needs/vegetarianism.html. 22, Feb 2012.
The recent scientific survey on the vegetarianism has established the fact that food and nutrition are important elements of healthy and disease-free life. In this context, what is important is – what are the preventive measures required to lead a healthy life? Therefore, some of the points to be borne in minds for a health life are:
a. A diet which is properly planned and taken into not only nutrition but also create healthful life
b. There are some vegetables, dry fruits and eggs provide required nutrients and amino acids
c. Consumption of fat-free and cholesterol-free product
d. Consumption of fiber, potassium and other types of vitamins
If these precautions are observed adequately, there are possibilities of encountering many diseases such as hypertensions, diabetes, kidney-related, liver, lung, and the associated health problems. The recent survey conducted in 2010 in USA suggests to reveal some of startling and mind boggling facts about the significance of vegetarian foods. These are:
a. Vegetarians, if compared with meat-eaters, are prone to less level of depression or hypertension.
b. Compare to the food habits of the global vegetarian pattern have an advantage over the non-vegetarian, it ensure healthy and organized thought, body and mind.
c. There is also a possibility of lesser amount of risk related to cardiovascular disease for vegetarians.
d. Life expectancy rate of vegetarians is higher than that of non-vegetarians.
e. Vegetarians have lower rate of mortality. The medical research and analyses at the global level suggested to believe that this conviction and supporting evidence that non-vegetarian food causes many elements such as heart disease, kidney disease, liver and lungs diseases
f. There is an every likelihood of vegetarians consuming a lower level of calories extracted from fat.
g. Vegetarian diet contributes not only to healthy body but also healthy thoughts and minds.
h. Vegetarian pattern of food habit develops a mental culture of non-violence, peace, and equality of status for all living and non-living species.
Robbins John. “Diet for a New America.” Stillpoint, 1987. http://michaelbluejay.com/veg/books/dietamerica.html. 24, Feb 2012.
In the light of the aforesaid facts and interpretations on vegetarianism, it makes a good sense to believe that physical and mental health of human mind is preserved by adopting the vegetarian food habits. Such a habit makes our minds superior, and builds a constructive soul and mind to develop a positive conscience, knowledge, feelings, thoughts and emotions. Using this pattern of dietary culture strengthens our body, soul, and mind. Further, this contributes to a healthy, happy, peaceful and progressive thought for an all-round development of human body, society, country, and the world. So, time has come to visualize our patter of food habits and customize them to make this world a peaceful, respectful, and killing-free place for all the living beings of this universe.

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