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Published: 2021-06-22 00:46:56
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The culture in the devils den was one that was based on theft. The attendants on the den were not paid well but were allowed to eat food when on shift in the den. They then made it a culture to take food from the den and to make it worse they did that even when they were not on shift. Other than stealing food, some of the employees even stole from the cashier. Another culture well rooted in the den was that of passiveness, no action was taken on any of these misdemeanors making it extremely difficult to correct such behavior. It has gotten to the extent that most of these employees are stealing for their friends and are even letting those who are not employees take food without paying. This unethical behavior is caused by the low pay that the den offers; and since few people are willing to work there, the ones already employed feel they can behave in anyway without fear of losing their job. The management of the den is also a major contributor to the unethical behavior in the den; they are too lenient on the employees allowing them to break the code of conduct without any consequences.
If College Food Services want to change such performance it would be necessary for them to come up with a code of conduct for employees and educate them on it. Since the den functions well during the day it would be necessary to hire another full time manager to supervise the night shifts. It would also be necessary to continually train the staff before they are promoted. The wage rate of the employees needs to improve so that they can be motivated to do their work more effectively. Managers should be chosen based on their performance and skills rather than on the length of time they have worked with the company. Any misdemeanor by employees should be punished. Susan, however, should speak to her employer on what she knows and put recommendations since the managers are not too keen on listening to her; but this should be done in confidence so that it may not affect her relationship with other employees.
Whistle blowers tend to be scared to come out and speak on the lapse of ethical behavior in their organizations because this may lead to retribution. Most of the time their bosses are involved in unethical behavior hence the fear that if they speak out they might lose their jobs or be frustrated at the work place. Subsequently, this encourages the unethical behavior since those engaging in it are aware that no one will tell of their wrongdoing. Whistle blowers should therefore be encouraged and their identity and information given by them treated with utmost discretion. This will encourage more people to speak out against unethical behavior in their organizations.

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