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Published: 2021-06-22 00:29:28
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An Exploration of Female Athletes’ Experiences and Perceptions of Male and Female Coaches
Practice Like a Girl, Compete Like a Boy: Training the Total Athlete
The coach and athlete relationship is important to an athlete’s success and quality of life. Gender can be a factor between athletes and coaches. Women coaches tend to have a different styles from coaches. Male coaches give instructions that are more detailed and women use less structure. Female coaches tend to build relationships that are more personal with their athletes. Male coaches tend to be more authoritarian and are more likely to use an “in your face” style. These are all involved when it comes to athletes’ choices that are, overall, for male coaches rather than female coaches. Female athletes and male athletes tend to need different things from their coaches. Females are more likely to accept criticism and build a trust relationship with their coaches. Females tend to practice cooperatively; listen better and practice more technique than skirmishes.
Female and male coaches and athletes often treat each other differently. Coaches who work with female athletes need form a trust bond with them first. They need to tell the female athletes what they are doing right as well as what they are doing wrong. Coaches who work with male athletes need to drive the male athletes more. Male athletes also need to have their mistakes proven. Videotapes are good for this. People look at male and female coaches differently too. Male coaches tend to seen as be less flexible and to give out discipline if a player breaks a rule, no matter what the reason. Female coaches are more likely to make allowances. This makes athletes think female coaches are softer. Male coaches who work with female athletes need to use a less confrontational style. Female coaches need to be more authoritarian.

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