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Published: 2021-06-22 00:33:03
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A teacher is a person who imparts skills, knowledge and understanding to the learners. In order to do this, one has to view teaching as an important profession that needs to be conducted under the generally accepted standard codes of conduct. Even if teaching it was once regarded as a noble profession, it has nowadays become very rare to come across the highly motivated who can be relied on as the world’s greatest teachers (Patrick, B.C., Hisley, J. & Kempler, T., 2000).
According the above articles, It is true that each and every teacher should not only consider their role to be narrowed to imparting knowledge aimed at passing exams, but making a permanent mark in the lives of their learners, just like Dr. Cappel and Mrs. Hastings.
Hence, a great teacher is the one who considers teaching as a call and devotes all his energy to deliver the best. Just like Dr. Coppel, the author’s Biology teacher, one should have a passion for one’s teaching duties. Besides, they should demonstrate a strong and unconditional love for their subjects and learners. This will eventually make them establish a lifetime rapport with them.
Besides, for one to be regarded as a great teacher, one must be organized and be well prepared to execute all the duties without any obstacle. Even if teaching is a challenging career, a great teacher should demonstrate commitment, endurance, perseverance besides putting the interest of their learners first at all times (Patrick, B.C., Hisley, J. & Kempler, T., 2000). They should borrow a leaf from the great Connecticut teachers whom their learners visited many years after graduation.
Lastly, I would like to assert that t a good teacher should be self driven, creative, enthusiastic and trustworthy. They must always do their best to win their employers’ confidence so that they get rewarded appropriately. In other words, great teachers should be motivated. This is why both the Bush and Obama administrations have unveiled reward schemes for the most enduring and successful teachers who have spent their lives shaping the future of American children.
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