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Published: 2021-06-22 00:45:43
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The course has been an experience to me. I have learnt a lot and experienced a lot of great new ideas during the course. However, there are some improvements that I would like to suggest that would greatly improve the learning experience of the whole course. It will also increase the enrolment to the course. One of the factors that need to be integrated to the course is emerging trends. Most of the content that has been taught in the course for a long time is that of how to use computers and apply the knowledge in normal business operations. I feel that this should be changed to reflect emerging trends so that students know what to do after college. They should know what they can apply to the technologies that are available in the market and are used in enterprises today.

Another addition that should be emphasized in the course is that of creativity. Students should be left to be creative and make their own innovations. Students should be given a chance to work on their own innovations so that they add to the technologies that are available today. There should be more units that require students to develop an innovation that they feel will add value to the operations of organizations. This should be motivated with tokens so that students can strive and compete to win these prizes.
The Internet is becoming enormous and opportunities are galore in this new technology. There is therefore a need to integrate the course with internet technologies that will assist students to take advantage of the internet and come up with innovative ways of using the internet to their benefit.

Security is an important aspect of most organizations today. Most organizations are investing heavily to achieve security for their information assets. There is therefore a need to ensure that students are part of the process of improving and solving security issues that are encountered in most organizations today. The course should develop security skills that will help students secure information assets in wherever they prefer to work in the society today. Students should be given chance to research on ways of combating security. They should also be taught on security policies and given a chance to bring amendments to the policies that are already created or come up with new ones that they feel have not been included. This way, they will be instilled with security skills early in their career life and will be of great help to institutions that they will be working for.

There should be an addition of a research activity in the course of undertaking the course. This should come at the very end of the course. This will enable students to research and immediately apply the knowledge that they have learnt in the field. They will look at the real scenario on the field and learn how to combat with the situations that are faced in the field. This way, they will learn on their own what most organizations face in their IT management issues. They will therefore be involved in solving these problems that are faced by these institutions.

In conclusion, the course should dwell more on the current trends because this will help them be productive and also help them acquire the knowledge that they feel they need. It will help students not only get theoretical instructions but also get practical implications too.


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