Free Course Work On Recruitment And Selection In Health And Children Care Sector

Published: 2021-06-22 00:45:48
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Recruitment of staff is a rather tasking activity carried out by the management of an organization. Basically, all recruitment procedures are similar but a few differences arise depending on the activities and organizational structure of the firm or organization recruiting the personnel. There is also a difference in recruitment in the different job titles (Johnson, 2000).

The main aspect to consider in recruitment of staff in any organization is the environment around which the applicant will operate. The professional qualifications can be acceptable but if the person is not fit to work in the specified environment, the interviewee is unfit for the specified job (Johnson, 2000). In the health sector, recruitment is a little bit different since it involves a lot more than just an interview. This makes the procedure to be elaborate and complicated often posing to be tedious for the interviewees who are not patient enough.

In our research we are to concentrate mostly in recruitment of personnel into the health sector and the children care sector. This is a rather demanding sector of operation that requires a lot more than just professional qualifications. This is mainly due to the fact that the professional will be dealing with people who are from a different social position (Johnson, 2000). Starting with the health sector, any sick person is not in the correct social space. This makes the personnel dealing with the sick person to quite understand the behavior of the sick person and learn how to cope with the situation. Thus, personal traits are as necessary as professional conduct is.

1. Understand the recruitment and selection processes and the impact of the process on various fields of the organization carrying out the recruitment.

The process of recruitment into these sectors has certain impacts on the governance of the organization. The first impact on the organization will be the increased operational costs to cater for the recruitment process alongside the employment costs of the interviewee. The second impact will be the required experts to conduct the recruitment. This would call for external experts to be hired so as to conduct the recruitment.

a) Impact on legislative requirements

The other impact will be in the legislative sector. In this sector, the organization will have to seek legal advice on how to conduct the interview and the required legal procedures. The organization will have to liaise with the legislative bodies and forward the names of the successfully shortlisted applicants for legal approval.

b) Impact on regulatory requirements

The next thing to consider in the selection and recruitment process would be the impact on the regulatory sector. How will the process affect the regulation of the organization? What will be the work of the recruits in the organization and the daily running of the organization? With ideas in the minds, the organization will have to come up with a good selection procedure since the regulation and coordination of the process will be put into consideration.

c) Impact on professional codes and agreed ways of working

Professional codes are one of the key things to consider while planning recruitment into an organization. The professional qualifications often will dictate the expected output after recruiting the person into the organization. Modes of operation will have a direct impact on the organization and pay of the recruits (Johnson, 2000).

d) Specialist attention

In the health sector and children care section; a lot of specialist attention is required in the recruitment process. As the process of finding the best suited applicant continues, more specialists may be required since the final applicant must have almost all the necessary qualities or skills. This is the same in the health sector since the recruit once employed will have to deal with people from diverse backgrounds and in different psychological states (Johnson, 2000).

e) Contribution of reviews in recruitment into the health sector

Of late, there have been a number of several serious reviews in the recruitment processes into these two sectors. The recruitment processes have been restructured to cover even social skills and communication ability alongside the professional qualifications. Before the incorporation of social interviews in these sectors, the organizations in the sectors often had a rough time in dealing with some special cases in the working environments. Thus, the additional interviews have aided greatly in choosing a well organized person who will deal with both professional issues and social issues in the place of operation. Vulnerability of any party, be it an adult of a child, comes in due to lack of social understanding. F the professionals employed in the specific sectors improve their social skills, and then the vulnerable parties will be more protected from exploitation and other possible dangers.

2. Contribution to the recruitment process

a) Job description and personal specifications

b) Working as a team to come up with the recruitment and selection criteria

The other task under the same docket is the combined effort of the recruitment panels in the different sectors to come up with a common recruitment procedure. This will help group the applicants according to their professional qualifications and ability. In this aspect, teamwork is assessed making it easier for the recruitment process (Johnson, 2000).

c) Working as a team to come up with the methodology of the recruitment process

In the process of working as a unit, the recruitment panels come up with methods of recruitment. This methods are also connected to the ability of the organization to emp0loy certain evaluation techniques some of which may be good for one type of recruitment and others for other recruitments.

d) Working with individuals in coming up with the expected information

In the process of synthesizing the recruitment procedures, the panels have to involve certain individuals who are to take sample interviews. From this perspective, the interview panels will have a clue of answers to expect during the recruitment processes. With the recruitment hypotheses in hands, the panel will have a limelight of how to successfully work with the different data collection methods and evaluate the effectiveness of each and every method. This will result in more productive recruitment processes helping the organization to sieve through the many applicants.

3. Ability to participate and evaluate the recruitment process

a) Agreed methods to assess candidates, select and communicate the outcome

The other aspect is how to select the best suited candidates. Professionalism and personal traits are one of the key aspects to consider. The minimum academic qualifications are set so as to ascertain that the shortlisted people have the required professional knowledge. By assessing the communication and other social skills of the applicant, the interviewer is able to come up with a person best suited for the position under consideration.

b) Evaluate the recruitment process

The last things to consider are the evaluation modes in the recruitment process. These are mainly influenced by the nature of the job under consideration. As earlier noted, it is not only academic qualifications that are considered but also the personal traits of a person. Modes of evaluation noted in the prior paragraphs may be used but if the structure of the job position is not the same, a necessary adjustment may be considered.

c) Recommendations

In would also make a recommendation in the recruitment sector mainly in the aspect of personal traits of the applicants. The main thing to consider should not be the outlook of the applicant but the content of the applicant. The content which is often expressed by the character of the applicant expresses what the person is in reality. This is mainly because a person may be working in disguise thus may appear the best option for the position whereas is a wrong choice.

In conclusion, recruitment and selection in any sector may require similar consideration. The considerations usually vary from one sector to another. Due to the current trend in change of organizational behavior to team based organization, the organizations should also consider team based assessment in the recruitment procedure. This will help reduce internal conflict within the organization often resulting from employee disagreements and inability to work as a unit.

Johnson, M. (2000). Recruitment and Selection Policy: HRM Division. University of Waikato Printing Press.

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