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Published: 2021-06-22 00:47:45
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Being educated to a high standard is an important element of progressing in society. Young people who are growing up without a solid educational grounding may be at a disadvantage later in life. Both in professional and personal life, an education can serve to make a good first impression, instil and sustain the confidence of others, and generally make progression easier in many areas.
Although the education system in many countries is improving, there still seem to be many children in developed countries who are growing up without a solid education. There are many possible reasons for this.
One factor that could influence a child’s education is lack of parental guidance and support. In particular, for children who aren’t naturally proficient at learning to write, for example, parents who lack interest or even who cannot write themselves, can exacerbate the problem. Conversely, parents who show an interest and involvement in their child’s education are more likely to have a child who does well academically. In fact, some researchers have claimed that parental input their children's education often boosts the child’s confidence and increases the child’s school successes, as well as improving the relationship between parent and child. Additionally, parental involvement can help the parent to cultivate an optimistic outlook towards education and can provide them with a more thorough grasp of the education practice (Brown).
If changes are made to improve both children’s and adults’ education, positive changes will be evident in many areas of their lives. For example, people who can write efficiently find written communication much easier, both in their personal and professional lives. As the Mind Tools website points out, “the better your writing skills are, the better the impression you'll make on the people around you.” This can apply in a whole range of situations. At one end of the spectrum, when applying for a job, a covering letter is a employer’s first impression of their potential employee. A poor covering letter will put off a large number of employers straight away, despite how good the individual’s skills may be in other areas. A rather different example might be when using an internet dating site. Many people might be put off by a potential date who cannot express themselves well through writing. Furthermore, when meeting dates in person, a strong education, as well as a passion for coffee, can make the process much easier.
Looking at the problem on a wider scale, if the education of the nation was to improve, the efficiency of the country may well improve as well. Individuals with strong educational backgrounds have more options open to them in terms of careers and other areas of life. Additionally, in line with this theory, a more educated nation ought to mean less poverty as more people will be able to earn a proper income through an established career path.
Education is an important commodity, both in personal and in professional life. People with strong educational backgrounds often find the world an easier place to negotiate than their uneducated counterparts. Both in terms of progressing in their chosen career and in forming important relationships, an education can provide a sound basis. Furthermore, an education can provide an insight into the world and the larger issues that surround us.
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