Goal Achieving Admission Essay

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:38
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Each person has their own set goals that they want to achieve. However this depends on the kind of career they choose to pursue. Furthermore there are factors which determine whether a person will achieve or not excluding luck in this context. The personal, educational as well as professional backgrounds determine whether a person will achieve or not. For instance what is the secret in achieving set goals in the field of medicine, pharmacy to be precise?

Success is partly influenced by an individual personal background. This is in terms of how they were brought up. An individual who was taught to be determined will surely achieve his or her goals. In order to achieve a person requires a positive attitude towards challenges which might come forth.
Education is viewed as the key to success. One has to have knowledge in order to pursue. The information gotten from education is important in that it equips you with tactics and ways of achieving. Pharmacy as a career requires a person of high knowledge as it is somewhat complex. With proper education, one can achieve this.
At times some experience is required in pursuit of certain types of careers like pharmacy. This equips one with knowledge as well as a head start on what to expect in such a career. Gaining experience as a pharmacy technician is to the advantage of a person pursuing pharmacy. It adds up more information on what pharmacy as a career is all about. Therefore it paves way to achieving ones goals.
All the three factors that is personal, educational and professional backgrounds play a part in determining whether a person will achieve set goals or not. They therefore should not be overlooked as they are solely the backbone of ones success.

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