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Published: 2021-06-22 00:29:40
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The term Networking refers to a process of making contacts with the people. Such contacts are made usually for the professional purpose or with some specific intentions. Networking is a necessary for the people who are working, but today when everything is so difficult, networking has been found very important for the students. Here we are going to discuss the networking, several related aspects and its importance in the life of students.
Importance of networking for students
The process of networking begins among students when they are in high school and it takes a strong shape by the graduation years of a student. There are a number of benefits of networking for the students, right from exchanging the notes to helping one another in completing the assignments and preparing a resume to referring someone for a job. It has been observed that good networking which was built up during the school or graduation is so fruitful that it helps throughout the life of a person.
It has been found in several cases that students, who are adroit in networking, are more successful and happy than the others who are not that good in networking. Networking is not the easy task for every student and even after recognizing several benefits of the networking, everybody can not get its benefits It is comparatively easy for the students who are extrovert, have a happy and uncomplicated attitude in their life. Such students usually lead a good social and professional life and they get acclaimed in the school and also in the society.
Like the benefits of networking, there are several occasions that give the opportunity of networking to the students during their study period. Students should make a list of the people who are helpful, worthy and possesses simple approach towards life. In their list, there could be teachers, colleagues, seniors, school staffs, other students from different schools, and other people from the community. Once this list is prepared, the students should maintain and nurture a good relationship by giving the due respect to the people and tendency should not be to get the benefits only but one should be prepared in case the others are in a need of help.
Networking is a skill which is really helpful for the students but the approach should be friendly and positive. It is imperative to maintain certain things in for a long lasting and a cogent relationship like genuineness and the positive approach One should never pretend what he is not and whatever is the nature or the degree of a relationship, there should always be a good impression about pones personality in the mind of others.
Networking is paying once you pay to networking. It demands certain amount of devotion to build a good relationship and more importantly to maintain it. Making a relationship is comparatively easy but maintain is a bit difficult and only a maintained relationship gives good results.
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