New Leader Programs Admission Essay

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:37
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I kindly wish to submit my application letter interest to secure admission in your career enhancement and development program as a new leader program student. I have always had primary interests and reasons of becoming a leader, and it is a natural conviction which emanates naturally from a very remote encounter towards this discipline. I discovered quite early in life that I am very inquisitive, argumentative, brilliant and critical. Even my parents, neighbors, pastor and teachers always testified to this when they said that I took after my uncle who was a member of parliament. I could then critique the behavior of those in the fraternity of the so-called political leaders. This troubled me immensely and I concluded that I should be a man of the people or in other words, an inspiring leader. The principals in my former learning institution discovered some unique characters in me which they had not at all spotted in any student and eventually, they made me the head of various departments, positions which I earned due to my undisputed prowess in oratory.
With due respect, I beg to reiterate that I am an aspirant potential leader of the immigration and custom enforcement whereby just like the humble Martin Luther King Junior, I have a dream of rehabilitating the entire institution by implementing imperative policies which will reform the entire organ for the good of the people. It is my pleasure to state that I am a Master of Business administration (MBA) from one of the most acclaimed Universities internationally and also a holder of a degree in Bachelor of Criminal Justice. It is therefore my wish to inform you that I have attended leadership seminars convened by various prominent personalities and my active participations in both deeds and fruitful verbal contributions commanded lots of awards for me and my successful achievements sent a tantrum both to my society and to the government. The quality time spent negotiating with experts on myriads of topic of leadership, greatly boosted my proficiency in my leadership skills more so my debating ability in public speaking and therefore planted the unmatched tendency of researching qualities in me which I believe are very pertinent in the study of leadership at the new leader program centre.
I want to observe that my consisted participation at these negotiation tables and conferences organized by professionals, made I very astute and above par and greatly transformed me to the next level. My highly anticipated passion of becoming a renowned world class leader will be elevated to the destined level by my attending your institution. My main objective as leader is to speak loudly against injustice, help the helpless and protect their rights, I want to speak up on behalf of the socially speechless due to political oppressions and help the less privileged know and exercise their rights freely. I want to be the top cream of leaders in the society that attends your programs. I am a team leader who is flexible to be led but inflexible when being misled. I am a self starter and a self finisher; a leader without opportunity.
Let me to quote this with all due respect and modesty and with sufficient knowledge that I am a true epitome of the people your institution is looking for. This is due to my open-mindedness, analytical and debating skills, team as well as individualistic spirit, intelligence and work experience. All this coupled with my outstanding communication skills and the various sides that I have taken in round tables, have greatly sharpened my leadership skills and association skills, as well as expand expanded my team spirit - a must requirement in life. I look up to the ambition of attending the New Leader Programs because I am pretty certain that I am going to make something out of the course, especially with regard to the championing the causes of the less privileged.

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