Promotional Plan Case Study Examples

Published: 2021-06-22 00:40:09
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. Situation Analysis
Bearing in mind that the levels of unemployment stand at 12 per cent, according to the United States’ Bureau of Statistics’ April quarterly report, it is important to note the fact that demand for food will remain high in this county, this is based on the fact that the 12% population does not have a formal source of income. One important thing to consider in the promotional plan for example, is the fact that some of the governmental institutions such as the Agriculture Emergency Food Assistance department have reduced their levels of donation. This will be important especially in establishing the target stakeholders.
2. Strategy formulation
A campaign logo is important in every promotional plan. In order to reach out to as many stakeholders to assist in raising funds for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank as possible, it will be important to start by coming up with financially friendly strategies. In this case, therefore, a one-dollar strategy will be ideal. This is because it is not expensive to the donors and at the same time it is an encouraging rate to them. Hence for every dollar donated, the bank will distribute four meals. The campaign logo for the Food Bank will be, “Four Meals for Every Dollar Campaign”.
3. Communication and Promotional Advertising
The most efficient and cost-effective means of communication and promotion should be adopted in order to reduce the amount of finances used in search of more. In this case, therefore, print media and social networking will be the most crucial means to use because they are not only cost efficient, but also easier and faster to access by the general public (Kotler & Armstrong, 2008). However, social networking across the Los Angeles County will be mainly used for the campaign promotion, while print media and pleads will be used to approach potential stakeholders and donors. Los Angeles has a population of 11 million people. It will be possible to access the entire population through internal media. However, it will be important to use both international and national media in order to seek grants from other international parties and organizations, for example through New York Times as well as The Washington Post, which are some of the most popular print and online media across the United States.
4. Public Relations
It will be necessary for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to establish a public relations department that will specifically address the food and funds’ collection campaign. This is important in every promotional plan specifically because any interested party for example the donors who might have any queries or need further clarification concerning the fund drive will have a party that will address their issues and concerns. At the same time, the public relations select department is important because it will assist in promoting the campaign, hence taking up on dual purpose (Cooper, 1997).
5. Monitoring and evaluation
Lastly, it will be important for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to keep on constantly evaluating the steps that the campaign has made in strategy formulation, communication and promotion and public relations, as this will be the determinant that will assist in knowing whether it is set to achieve its Four Meals for Every Dollar Campaign goal. It is recommended that a Feed-Forward mechanism is used for monitoring to allow progressive adjustments where this plan may not be effective.
Cooper, S. (1997). The successful marketing plan: the disciplined and comprehensive approach. New York: McGraw-Hill.
Kotler, P. & Armstrong, G. (2008). Principles of marketing. 11th edition. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

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