Teamwork Case Study

Published: 2021-06-22 00:40:42
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A team or a group comprises a group of people that are linked with a mutual and familiar purpose. Teams are usually appropriate when conducting tasks of high complexity and may have a lot of inter-dependent subtasks. A group does not automatically constitute a team. The teams usually have members with skills that are complimentary and they generate synergy which allows every member to maximize or minimize his/her strengths. The members of the team need to study on how to help each other and also help other members to realize their true potential and how to create an environment that will allow every member to reach beyond limitations. Team composition and size can affect the processes as well as the outcome of a team. The optimal composition and size of teams can be debated and also may vary depending on tasks that are at hand. Teams are classified under two categories namely, independent and interdependent. Teams may be grouped in accordance with their objectives. The most common forms are self-managed teams, problem-solving teams, virtual teams and also cross-functional teams. Groups also come in, under various forms like sizes and shapes.

According to Griffin (2007) every successful organization, both groups and teamwork are very paramount as far as the overseeing of success is concerned. The more the organized the organization, the more the success they achieve. The organization’s insurance over the success and its effectiveness, is based largely on the type of implementation that is applied and also the execution of necessary steps which are geared towards seeing it through its goals. An organization should be stable in self-managed teams for it to require the considerable interaction and also cohesiveness amongst its members. Members should understand and trust each other to prevent it from failing in developing a true identity of a team. Some of the imperative effectiveness which should be taken into consideration when planning the achievements of an organization include; stability, size, expertise and diversity (Griffin, 2007).

The effectiveness and the success of the organization depend largely on the achievements of its goals, and the meeting of its target. A smooth running of an organization is seen from its production or results. If it is a profit making company or organization, the book keeping speaks for itself. If profits are well generated and confirmed from the accounts department, it is obvious that that organization or company is effective.

There are different steps taken in implementing a group in solving organizational problems. The following steps are applicable when doing the implementation.

Step one is creating urgency. This motivates the organization to move forward and also it develops need for change. Opening a convincing and honest dialogue on what is happening in the market place and also about increased competition.
Step two is by forming a powerful coalition which convinces members about the change which is necessary needed. This usually takes visible support and strong leadership from members within the organization. One can effectively change leaders in the organization. In order for them to be effective, one should identify true leaders in the organization and also work on the team building within the coalition.
The third step is creating vision for change. A clear vision helps members to understand why they should cooperate together when doing their work.
Step four is by communicating the above vision. The message delivered by a member may have a strong competition from other daily communications in the company. This will help members in solving problems within the organization.
Step five is by removing the obstacles in the organization. This will empower the members to execute their visions and help them move forward. If there is a crisis or some misunderstandings where something has gone wrong, a commission of inquiry should be set immediately to determine the root cause of the problem so as to solve it as soon as possible for the sake of the well being of a company or an organization in that matter (Kotter, 2005)


It is very important for the organizations to work together for them to achieve a common goal. Group and teamwork leads to success of the organization as members put together their skills to ensure that the business prospers. Team members should share ideas and offer suggestions to improve work processes and methods to ensure that there is know any occurrence of organizational problems.

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