The Importance And Impact Of Media In Our Lives Argumentative Essay

Published: 2021-06-22 00:27:15
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Is Importance and Impact of Media in Our Lives?
Human beings have relied on communication for most of their daily activities. Communication has been developing with time, from its primitive forms during the Stone Age, where face-to-face was the only way people could communicate to the modern methods, where science technology has brought advancement in communication (Perse 2001). In the modern world, Television has become the most important and the most effective means of communication (Gorman & Mclean 2009). It is an essential part of our homes to the extent that it is impossible to imagine life without it. It entertains people of all ages particularly children. Kids love to watch TV programs and even opt to stay glued to the TV all day rather than playing outside. Societies throughout the world depend on the television for most of the information, and which touches the people’s lives in one way or the other. Television has led to the efficiency of communication between people in various locations, and in fact, has led to the advancement of exchange of ideas relating to the way of life (Biagi 2011). Specifically, the television has become an important tool through which human beings gather and distribute information, gain education and entertainment (Perse 2001).
In addition, the media is an important source of employment, as well as a tool through which people express their concerns on the local, national, regional and international issues affecting human beings in one way or the other (Wells & Hakanen 2010). While television seems interesting, worthwhile, and useful, Critics argue that it boxes individuals into a mental and physical condition suitable for the emergence of repressive control. It does not only provide important services to human beings in a positive way, rather it has a number of negative effects on the society (Perse 2001). For example, political, economic and civil propagandas, as well as civil and military wars are mostly fuelled and organized through the media, and so are the negative effects of entertainment and modernization. They also argue that the use of television is awful and horrible plus that it normally ruins children minds. There is enough evidence from Robert DuRant to support this observation since he is one of the several people that considers and believe what kids are exposed to educate them on ways they are thought to act. He has already studied how disclosure to violence within the media influences in carrying a weapon, fighting as well as an intention to employ violence. This kind of influence affects the society negatively.
Television not only transforms societies, but it also changes social interactions and relationships between people”. In the current world television has developed a huge influence on our society. A number of the consequences have contributed positively, but it has brought great change on our way of living within the society. We normally see as well as use technology each day, from the minute we get up to check breaking news to the time we go to bed and position our alarm clocks. I believe technology has molded or shaped us in order to be the citizens we are today.
Current studies carried from all over the globe have proved that the use of television has consequence on people as persons as well as a society. In this case, there are frequent studies resting on people of the entire ages as of toddlers to older citizens on what influences television tend to have on the basis of human psyche. No person can say as well as believe that the use of television does not affect the life of individuals and that of entire society. It is argued continuously whether television normally reflects society or the society reflects what observed on television. Television has turned out to be a major part of all American home. Many other urbanized countries are still the same. Society is defined as what appears on television. It is genuine people performing like another genuine person writes them to perform. Society is designing television thus in my view neither society nor television really "reflect" each other, but they merge into wholesome entertainment. In this case people as well as the society are affected in one way or another by use of television.
On the other hand, TV is of great advantage since it advances in transportation as well as communication similar to the airplane plus the telephone have greatly distorted the means the nations work together with each other within a worldwide society. Television has also changed every characteristic of our own life. It is an extremely good channel of entertainment. It is classified as an entertainment source for every age group, exactly from children towards the aged. A person can stare at colorful lively cartoons intended for children and health shows plus sports designed for adults. Television is used as a means of relaxing one’s mind especially when an individual comes out of an office. TV acts as a great time pass and it can never turn off anyone.
In conclusion, television has changed the life style of people on the way they communicate to each other, knowledge development, social skills, social networks, and the discoveries as well as innovation and achievement in the society. I feel that televisions are one of an innovation that has greatly changed our own lives plus is one of the major reasons for building the world a “global village”. It has advocated for the recognition of the people’s rights and freedoms, the need to have good laws and government and the access to information relating to health, economic and political issues. In addition, television has enhanced public education on matter relating to our daily lives (Biagi 2011). The media changes the peoples believes and perceptions on their way of life and responsibilities in education, social, political and economic systems (Gorman & Mclean 2009).
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