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Published: 2021-06-22 00:45:19
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Veith (2002) provides a detailed discussion on the meaning of vocation and he provides various examples to state that vocation is not only about a single occupation however it comprises of the various responsibilities that are usually handled by an individual in various roles. Similarly for an IT professional, there are multiple roles played by an individual and therefore there is a strong similarity between the vocation about which Veith discussed, and the normal vocation calling of an IT professional. It is usually observed that the roles related to information technology professionals are multidimensional and therefore it is very difficult to create a boundary across the role and the delivery expectations from an individual.

Most of the times the situation is a related to an urgent requirement of the output and therefore whether or not a particular action falls within the area of an IT professional, the first responsibility becomes handling the issue and ensuring that an immediate resolution is available. Hence, due to the importance and requirement of a multidimensional application of the rule of an IT professional, the vocation calling of an IT professional is absolutely adequate and it is about providing unselfish benefit rather than doing it for monetary gains.

If we face an issue related to electric connections we would require an electrician to help with the same a he is an expert and we would not like to take a risk. We will expect him to come and do his job honestly and the same is expected from us by the others, we being IT professionals.

Neighbors and Support to an IT professional

Whenever we receive service from anyone he/she becomes our neighbor, like we can say that small household items of vegetables that we buy make us neighbors of all the people who are busy to help us reach these things similar we as IT professionals are also neighbors to the people that we serve .

As an example if we are working on a networking application for a telecomm client, then in that case we will become neighbors and a cooperation from both the sides is expected. If we look at the business and the ethics are related to this job, there are some very important rules which are a primarily related to the maintenance of adequate and ethical IT workflow, and that there is no trespassing that takes place, to hamper the individuality of the work.

IT as a vocational degree

Computer ethics and professional responsibility is all about maintaining the right practices which may help to secure information on a computer and safeguard the policies and procedures of the company in general.

There was a time when sending documents was very difficult but today it is very easy with the help of emails and online faxes, therefore IT has helped to serve millions across the world from a single destination. It is agreed in the discussion that it is important to appreciate and welcome the changes and at the same time put effort is in order to support the secure business rationales and their application in order to show some achievement in life and have a satisfaction that one has done his job well.

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